Onwards and upwards…

After a beautiful two weeks in Bergamo with beautiful kids, beautiful co-workers, beautiful directors and beautiful families I’m back on the road again! I repacked my little green rucksack (minus a small present for my Bergamo family but plus a present from my Bergamo family) and set off for a long train journey. As sad as it is to have left some fantastic people, I’m beyond delighted to be heading back into the mountains to Bolzano. Where there will thankfully be less mosquitos – I seem to have lost any resistance I had built up after my long absence so am dotted with bites – at least I’m managing fairly well not to scratch them! As I write my train has just passed the village of Dolce and is winding its way deeper into the mountains, my excitement growing with every craggy rock face we pass, stretching up into the sky.


Some of my favourite moments from this week have included getting stubby fingers from tying water balloons for the kids, dining alfresco on vegetables picked from the garden not two metres away, receiving birthday cards from kids who mistakenly thought it was this week, my lovely 8 year old students insisting my lunch was served first by the dinner lady because I had over exaggerated my hunger in my typical ACLE tutor fashion, Filippo and his extensive knowledge of platypus’ and everything Australian putting my own knowledge to shame (its not everyday you get schooled by an eight year old), my twelve year old students and their lady gaga impressions (and cringing when the clothes started being rolled up), the lovely notes I received from my students, the staff dinner in the coolest basement ever (including the moment when I went to cut our ice-cream cake only for the knife to start spouting a wedding tune giving me the fright of my life) and attempting to play pool with others who played just as badly as I did and my evening coffees (decaffeinated) with the family. To be honest I could go on for hours but I’ll limit it to that since I’m getting too distracted by the gorgeous landscape outside!!!


For those who are theatrically inclined, my groups final show this week consisted of the avengers stopping a bank robbery while on holiday in California. The best part might have been barbie (played by a boy) and a comic ken (holding his pink gun the wrong way around) in their failed attempt to secure some funds for their shopping expeditions! The joy of working with imaginative and creative pupils/students never ceases to amaze! By the time this is published I will probably be well into the week so here’s to the next fun filled week of crazy ideas with wonderful wonderful new friends and families!