Frankfurts kleiner markt

As my semester here draws to a close the work seems to have piled up which has kept me busy for the last two weeks. All work and no play makes Eva a dull girl so I snuck out to wander around Frankfurt for a while. And in the process food a little indoor food market which was like stepping into Alices wonderland – or at least what it would look like if I had my way. Rows and rows of food stands selling treats from all over the world. To my delight Italian food was featured quite a lot, but I need a cows digestive systems if I wanted to try everything! With an upper mezzanine running around the first floor and a small balcony leaning under the weight of foodies and their wine glasses its the perfect place to grab lunch.

PicMonkey Collage


PicMonkey Collage4


And of course what better way was there to celebrate the end of the weekend out on the street cheering with the rest of Giessen when Germany won the world cup!! Jaaaaaaaa!!