Everybody needs a little motivation sometimes. This is particularly relevant in my case when it comes to exercising. Sometimes my motivation is a morning with the sun shining required to get me running, completing an extra circuit to ogle the handsome half naked man sprinting around (guilty as charged), speeding up in order to catch up with the +70 year old man who just overtook you (also guilty, though he overtook me again leaving me far in his wake), the introduction of a particular song when your ipod playlist is on shuffle (freestyler) or running through drizzle only for the rain to clear and a rainbow to appear. However these rely on actually getting out of the house in the first place! They just motivate you to push yourself further. It is all about setting personal goals. When I first started running over a year ago, I barely managed 5 km. I increased this over time, constantly setting new goals for myself and managed an exhausting 20 km on Saturday. Tiring, but something I can be proud of, a  new “personal record” to aspire to. To succeed you have to push your limits!

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Sometimes its important to try something new. When I was 16 I was introduced to capoeira, an interesting Brazilian sport which combines aspects of martial arts, dancing, various instruments and singing. There is an amazing atmosphere at the end where everybody gets together in the “roda” (a big circle) and plays games of capoeira together. Its a lot of fun, and probably the best toning of your thighs and butt you will ever find. The music is beautiful, despite normally having no idea what I’m singing as the words are in Portuguese! Trying a class is something I seriously recommend, it opens a whole new enjoyable world, with a different culture, the language, the people, the music, the dancing and includes the benefits of toning and increasing your flexibility and strength. Mundo capoeira offer many classes to a variety of levels around Dublin.