One of the most memorable quotes from this week was a boy in my class who came up to me with his worksheet and said “Eva, I have made an epic fail”. It was something he had picked up from when I mentioned it at an earlier stage and formed a hilarious reminder that children are sometimes like sponges and soak up information at inappropriate times.

My eight year old girls have given me little grief over the last week, the most stress coming in the form of lunchtime and the tears that almost ensued when I didnt sit beside the right ones. Oh the problems of having your students love you too much!

I didnt get further into the mountains since we were a little restricted for time, but Bolzano itself is really beautiful. The old town centre is quaint with just the right amount of modern shops tucked away in cobbled streets overlooked by lovely buildings and little flower markets. As in Italy there is a church around every corner (and a gelateria) and as in Germany there is a bar with its own beer on every second street.

The one thing that was on my list of things to do was visit ötzi the ice man, a 5300 year old corpse found in the mountains who has a whole museum dedicated to him. And an excellent one at that! Lots of fascinating things to read although the entry was a little pricey. Other must dos are cycling along the path beside the river and taking the time to visit the various churches in the town. Although if I returned I would take the time to visit the old castle/fort which pops up in some of my photos and take the cable car up to enjoy the view of the surrounding countryside!

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