Bella Italia

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I’ve been back in Ireland almost two weeks, and I’m lucky enough to be leaving again! Since my masters doesn’t start until September (I’m actually so excited to return to University!!!!!) I got offered a job teaching English again in Italy. 🙂  I can’t wait to be back, my small bag is packed full of tiny gifts for the families and millions of stickers for the kids. My mind is overflowing with all of the old and new songs and games I will use for teaching and I am really hoping my time in Spain will mean I won’t be considered a target for the mosquitos anymore! For this kind of job everything needs to be improvised and a lot of things are organised down to the last minute. Not too sure when I’ll return, I’ll get to spend some holiday time with the twin in August, but I only need to be back for September. In the meantime expect more camino posts and hopefully a little about my life in Italy! Until then, it’s onto the next adventure!!!

Ciao, Eva