About me

About me

Eva ~ Eve ~ חַוָּה Chawwah (Hebrew) ~ chawah = “to breath”, חיה chayah = “to live”



A place for me to keep and share my memories while I live my way through life.

Showing that people without fashion sense, almost the same outfit for every day and a lack of makeup still thrive!

My current interests besides everything and anything? I adore rocks (particularly the igneous kind), Choloepus spp. (aka two-toed sloths), sightseeing (last stop Zurich), general outdoor activities (walking everywhere is a bit of a theme), live music (because I can’t carry a tune to save my life), peat bogs (fascinating ecosystems I was lucky enough to study for my BA thesis), improving my vinyasa (best way to destress besides walking), tedtalks (keeping up to date with research & great ideas, which is nice as relevant for my job as a science communications officer), Italian food (I’m a bit of a snob since I was spoilt rotten while I worked there as an English teacher), scoping out new restaurants in Dublin and…and…and…

Nature and outdoors are two pretty big themes in my life. I grew up environmentally conscious and am determined to do my part to protect the planet – my latest goals include reducing car journeys, using less plastic, improving my recycling and NOT getting takeaway coffee cups (although I still take plenty of flights to travel – I’m choosing my battles…). Join me in my quest, everyone is hopping on the Ocean plastics bandwagon lately, which is FANTASTIC – if everyone did their bit the world would be a much better place.