Christmas in Kirchberg












The aforementioned family reunion took place in Kirchberg this year. There was a distinct lack of snow when we arrived which made the first day or two of skiing less dreamy than it can be, but we thankfully woke up to a light covering of fresh powder snow just a day later. Not all of the slopes were opened, lots were an easy blue level, and the black slopes weren’t too challenging so we zig-zagged our way from lift to lift, or from hut to hut for some more gluhwein (my mother isn’t really falling down a slope in one it the pictures – its just the perfect exhibit of the poses that pop up with a little alcohol….). It was pretty cloudy and grey – but that’s where the twin and myself came in handy with our briiiight ski pants. Evening were spent inhaling food and consuming wine (or spilling it all over the tablecloth, and my eyes in one case – I guess its what happens when the family takes the “stretch or starve” motto a little too seriously). We played a few new games, amongst them the bean-trading game Bohnanza where we discovered by brother should always have worked in finance, and old classics such as the strategic “Ohne furcht und adel” (not sure if they have an English version). Beyond our favourite pastimes of eating, sleeping, wine-drinking and (light) exercise there was just a lot of laughter, exuberance and happiness, which along with a few hours spent relaxing in the sauna are part of what I consider to be a perfect Christmas holiday (but next time with a little more snow please!). The area itself it nice, the slopes are perfect for beginners since there’s a lot of flat-ish stretches, but I think I prefer places with wider reaching slopes where you can roam across the mountains freely!