About me

About me

Eva ~ Eve ~ חַוָּה Chawwah (Hebrew) ~ chawah = “to breath”, חיה chayah = “to live”



A place for me to keep and share my memories while I live my way through life.
Showing that people without fashion sense, a different outfit for every day and a lack of makeup still thrive!

I like to keep busy and am driven by those things which take my particular fancy at any moment and time – my next adventure could cover everything from exotic holidays to mundane everyday challenges.

My current interests besides everything and anything? I adore rocks (the igneous kind), Choloepus spp. (aka two-toed sloths), sightseeing (last stop Tallinn), general outdoor activities (walking everywhere is a bit of a theme in some of my posts), live music (because I can’t carry a tune to save my life), peat bogs (fascinating ecosystems I was lucky enough to study for my BA thesis), improving my vinyasa (mainly to destress), tedtalks (keeping up to date with research & great ideas), Italian food (I’m a bit of a snob since I was spoilt while I worked there), scoping out new restaurants in Dublin and…and…and…

Nature and outdoors are two pretty big themes in my life. I grew up environmentally conscious and am determined to do my part to protect the planet – my latest goals include reducing car journeys, using less plastic, improving my recycling and NOT getting takeaway coffee cups. Join me in my quest, everyone is hopping on the Ocean plastics bandwagon lately, which is FANTASTIC – if everyone did their bit the world would be a much better place.