Sacred Valley

Whatever way we had planned and booked the trip to return to Ireland we had to travel back from La Paz to Lima in Peru. With a day to spare we decided to stopover in Cusco again since we had enjoyed the city so much the last time. Time to visit Qurikancha, a cathedral that

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Rurrenabaque & the Amazon

Less than 24 hour after returning to La Paz, a massage and a gorgeous mexican dinner later we were back in La Paz airport, climbing into the tiniest aeroplane I have ever been in. We rattled and swooped our way northwards, landing on a small airfield on the outskirts of the amazon rainforest. From there

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Machu Picchu

We woke up at 4am on the day of reaching Machu Picchu after one last short trek. We stumbled down to a line in the dark and waited to get our passports stamped again before setting off down a stone path winding its way around the hillside shrouded in fog. There were various steps to

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the Inca Trek

Before the trek even started there were a few things to do; pose for a picture under the offical trek sign, wait in line to get the official go ahead and get our passports stamped. We shouldered our extremely light packs (thanks to the porters who carried the rest), crossed the bridge over the river

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